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How to find a good freight forwarder in China?

李俊松???發布時間:2020-04-22 17:53:49

  How to find a good freight forwarder in China? China is the largest manufacturing country, which can produce a variety of goods with good quality and low price. Both domestic and foreign enterprises can find their own goods. For the local enterprises in China, they have the advantages of region, language and contact. It is very easy to find a good freight forwarding company according to their own logistics.

China freight forwarder

  However, foreign enterprises and foreign sellers may face a severe challenge if they want to find a suitable freight forwarder in China. Based on the differences in culture, language, industry level and cost, we may be at a loss as to what kind of company will be a good freight forwarder.

  But the same thing is that the core of choosing freight forwarder is nothing more than service, product and price. We can start from these three aspects and cooperate with a freight forwarder with excellent service, rich products and reasonable price.

  How to find a good freight forwarder in China?

  1. What are their service levels?

  Different from Europe and the United States, China's international freight market, due to its late start and rapid development, leads to relative confusion in the industry and lack of uniform industry service standards. Before we know the service level of freight forwarders, if we make a decision easily, our goods will be put in a dangerous situation.

  The service level needs to be understood from many aspects, but it is mainly reflected in the customer service personnel and logistics specialists that we are most easy to deal with. The high-level service includes takesend, professional customer service personnel and logistics specialists, who can quickly feed back the abnormal problems of international logistics, match the most appropriate logistics transportation scheme, respond in time and understand quickly, and solve all the worries for customers.

  2. What logistics products do they have to meet their own logistics needs?

  Freight forwarding is a huge industry, some provide air transport services, some provide sea transport services, some provide land transport and intermodal transport services. And different logistics service direction, the logistics products provided will have obvious differences. We need to find the freight forwarder according to the demand of our goods.

  For example, if we need air transportation, then we need to find an air freight forwarder. If our products are batteries, liquids and other dangerous goods, we need to know whether China's freight forwarders have enough logistics services to help us transport Chinese goods abroad.

  Takesend is a Chinese freight forwarder providing air transportation. It has good cooperative relations with well-known express companies DHL, FedEx, ups and China Post. It is also a partner of many well-known airlines in the world. It has more than 50 logistics modes and more than 100 international logistics channels, which meet the needs of general cargo, liquid, battery, scooter, UAV, electronic cigarette and other types Logistics demand of goods.

  3. What's their price? Is it reasonable

  China's freight forwarding market pricing is chaotic, some companies will quote very cheap, some companies will quote very high, the difference is huge. But the free market will follow certain rules. The price is usually in direct proportion to the service. Too cheap price usually hides some greasiness and brings some unexpected disasters.

  Therefore, a reasonable price is necessary. This is the basis of ensuring profits for enterprises. For us, it is also the guarantee of service quality.

  4. Are they experienced?

  China's freight forwarding market has changed a lot. It's more suitable to use the idiom "waves wash the sand". We don't need to go deep into the reasons. What we need to know is that the survival rate of Chinese enterprises is low and the survival time is short, which is the result of free market competition. Is the market with its own standards, the industry reshuffle.

  No matter where they are, the enterprises that can survive the market baptism must have their own advantages and characteristics. The rich industry experience also means that it has withstood the market competition and is recognized by consumers. Compared with new enterprises and infant enterprises, it can be more reliable.

  In addition, if we need to mail some special items, such as liquids, chemicals, lithium batteries, etc., experienced freight forwarders can improve the safety of goods transportation.

  5. Are they good at handling and transporting your products?

  General goods do not have these problems. If you need to mail general goods, it is recommended to skip. If lithium batteries, safety documents and items need special packaging are mailed. If your forwarder lacks the operation experience and transportation experience of such goods, you may face logistics delay or be forced to change the logistics channel.

  6. Can they help you repack and label?

  There is a big difference between Chinese manufacturer's product packaging standard and international express's product packaging standard. If your goods are not packaged correctly, international express will refuse to deliver your goods, and may also cause you to receive a pile of damaged and worthless goods.

  Takesend can provide customers with free collection, free storage, elimination of redundant packaging, free photography, professional packaging, integrated packaging and other comprehensive services, help customers living in different places to solve the problems of goods packaging and other logistics, real-time monitoring, shipping without worry.

  7. What is their reputation in the market?

  No matter whether we purchase commodities or cooperate with enterprises, we can not trust the one-sided words of businessmen. We need to hear more extensive business and help us make decisions and judgments.

  In addition to the above seven aspects, there must be other aspects to understand when choosing a good Chinese freight forwarder. But if we can choose according to the requirements of this paper, we can greatly reduce the possibility of poor freight forwarders. Takesend is a professional international freight forwarder in China, focusing on international logistics for 11 years. It can provide comprehensive logistics solutions for Chinese sellers and overseas enterprises.



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